As a child I grew up in a house with a darkroom in the basement. My father and my grandfather (whom I never knew since he passed before my time) both did photography as a hobby and both had darkrooms in the home. We lived in that house till I was 9 and then moved and my father sadly never set the darkroom up in the new house but he still continued to take photos. Photography is in my blood I guess you could say but I didn’t realize that till after my father had passed and I started up with digital. I have used film before but not as an artist, I was merely a picture taker at that time so I clicked at everything and let Walgreen’s handle the rest.

A few years ago I started to look at my father’s Yashica Mat 124G and wonder what I could do with it. I’d start to look into film and how to use the camera and end up scaring myself away from it for a while, never going any further. A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is all film and the itch hit me again, this time he didn’t let me back down. He offered me the film and the battery I needed to run the camera. We met up at a local park and he gave me the guidance I needed to make the venture into the world of film happen.

Since that day I have gone through 3 rolls of film and have 2 more waiting to be used. I will admit I love starting all over and learning from the bottom, it is a challenge I love. Working with film has made me slow down and pay attention to my composition and the settings on my camera. Many talk about using Auto mode, Aperture and shutter priority over manual mode on digital cameras. Well film is all manual so you need to know your settings to make things happen correctly. One thing is has taught me is how to use a light meter. I have never really used one till now and I was happy to learn it and all its functions. Again, this has slowed me down and making me pay more attention to details.

Over all I am having lots of fun learning all over again. It can be a bit frustrating but it’s not a bad thing in my book. Frustration pushes me to better myself so in the end I will benefit from it. Film isn’t for everyone, you have to have patience to make things work if you are used to digital but if you have the patience you will reap the benefits of what the world of film has to offer.

To see a few of the photos I have taken, take a jump over to my Film Gallery