So I have never been good at doing my blog but I have decided I really need to get back on this so I am going to do my best to write blogs about some of the work I am posting and explain a bit of how I did it.

Going to start with my selfie entitled “In the White Room”. I figure this is a good one to start with since it’s a pretty easy one to explain. This was shot in the studio I use where we have a nice white wall and lots of white tile boards on the floor. What you can’t see is our tile boards are pretty marred up from lots of use but thanks to the strobes and little Photoshop those marks are hard to see.

I included a diagram for this post to help you better understand my setup from a visual perspective. I used 3 lights, 2 AlienBee 800’s in the back and 1 Einstein E640 in the front. Why the different lights? Well I myself only own the 2 AlienBee’s so anytime I need more than that I use the Einsteins that are at the studio. I have never had any issues mixing strobes like this and as you can see by the final results its not even noticeable.

For the rear lights (2 AlienBee 800’s), I had them on tripods about 5ft up or so and only used the 80 degree 7” reflectors that come with them, no grids just full on blast of light. I set the power on these at ½ to make sure I got plenty of light to wash out the wall and rear floor. They were just a big behind the couch I was on but not fully so I got a bit of the light on me as well. I could have gone completely behind me but I wanted a splash of light like a hair light, too bad I don’t have much hair for that…..

The third light was on a “C” stand in front of me, up about 6 1/2’ or so and at a 45 degree angle towards me. I used a 60” Fotodiox Pro Studio Octo Softbox with the front diffuser on it. This one was powered by the Einstein and I had this just under ½ power as I didn’t want to blast myself out too much with light but enough to make the tile boards match the rear wall.

Camera setup is my Canon 5D MKII with the Canon 50mm f/1.8, yes I do use this very inexpensive lens for 99% of my studio work. It’s cheap but with the right light it can be pretty sharp. Settings I used were ISO 100, 1/160th, and f/7.1. I usually start with an f/8 but wanted a bit more light from the front strobe and was too lazy to get the ladder out so just adjusted my f/ a bit since DoF wasn’t really a concern with this photo. Camera was set up on a tripod which when set up I roughly set my focus up off the couch I would be sitting on. I have found that getting it close without someone to focus on usually turns out pretty good. I triggered the camera with a Canon RC-6 wireless remote which is in my right hand, I used the 5 second delay on the remote for this shot. The front strobe was triggered by a Pocket Wizard X and the rear strobes were triggered by the Slave Tripper function since they were easily in the line of the main strobe.

That was all I did to make this shot happen. Only about a dozen or shots were taken, 2 for adjusting the main strobe output and the rest me trying to get my “look” to how I wanted it. Post process was just to bring the lights back a bit, added a bit of black back into myself and then cleaned up the lines where the tile board bumped up against each other. A touch of sharpness was also added to help define myself and the couch a bit more. So there you have it, “In the White Room” (and no black curtains were used)