Who am I? That’s a loaded question but the high-level answer is a man who has always felt deep down inside that he had a creative side but didn’t know what it was till about 2004. It was at that time when I started to play around with a camera and people started to tell me I had an eye for it. It was then that I started to look further into the hobby that had also been a hobby for my deceased father and grandfather.

I tend to have a darker style to my work and much rather shoot at night than in the daytime. I have no formal schooling and have learned all I know through people I know, books I have read and my own personal trial and errors. I have been told by somewhat I do is wrong and against the “rules” but to me, there is only one rule in art, to each their own.

“I am not an artist with a brush or pencil but rather just a man who captures light in a moment of time with a box and some glass …”